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We move to Maungaturoto

dale-max-1943In 1943, when I was about 18 months old, we moved north to the country town of Maungaturoto (the picture shows Grandad Dale and older brother Max).

Dad was a chemist and worked in a chemist shop in Queen Street in the centre of Auckland, but he wanted to have this own shop.  I don’t know why he chose Maungaturoto, except it didn’t already have a chemist, so I guess he thought it was a good business opportunity.

For the first year or so, we lived in a very small rented house with just four rooms.  Mum said that it was tiny.  We moved a couple of times to other rented houses, but eventually we had a brick house specially built for us.  The builders were my uncle and grandfather (mum’s brother and father).  Here’s a photo of it, taken in 1985:

Lacey Maungatoroto home 1944-57, photo taken 1985