In 1949, when I was seven, there was no TV in New Zealand, and no DVDs or cassette recorders.  The main entertainment in a home was listening to the radio.  But the radio programmes were very different from today;  there was no talkback, no Drive Time, not much popular music, and lots of serials (the radio equivalent of TV programmes like Shortland Street and Coronation Street).  And, during the daytime, there were lots of shopping and housekeeping programmes.

Here are some examples of the type of radio programmes we listened to (click the links to listen):

Aunt Daisy (a famous programme advertising household products and giving housekeeping tips)

Dad and Dave (an Australian serial that also played on New Zealand radio)

Portia faces life (an American “soap” that played on New Zealand radio)

There were also special radio programmes for kids, which played between 6:00 and 7:00 in the mornings in the weekend (kids got up earlier in those days!!!).  Here are some examples (click the links to listen):

Sparky and the talking train

The happy prince

Flick the little fire engine

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